Value analysis of collaborative opportunity

Low = 1 / High = 5

1ScopeStandard product - New development
2Overall risk assessmentLow risk - high risk
3Engineering designFully developed - solution required
4Market profileHighly competitive - specialist field
5No. of suppliersHigh - low
6Supplier capabilityHigh - limited exposure
7Quality requirementsMarket standard - mission critical
8Cost baselineFully validated - esimate only available
9ComplexityPlug & play - high integration
10Frequency of requirementOne-off requirement - multiple need
11Delivery performanceLow imact - strategy needs
12Knowledge transfer needLow - high level of exchange needed
13Performance improvementLow potential - high opportunity
14Scope for risk and rewardLow - high potential for improvement
15CSR implicationsLimited - high risk
16Internal reference dataHigh - limited data available
17Management requirementLight touch - high supervision need
18Past experience in this areaGood - poor record of performance
19Procurement driverGeneral requirement - strategic focus
20Business criticalityLow impact - business critical


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