Privacy Policy (last update: 28th Jan 2014)

This Privacy Policy explains how information associated with Your use of is handled:

  1. Service security – technical measures taken to protect your information.
  2. Financial information – the handling of credit card payments.
  3. Confidential information – how private information can and can't be used.
  4. Information about Your access and use of the Service – what "meta" information is collected and how it can and can't be used.

Please also read the Terms of Use:

Note that in the event of any conflict or disagreement between this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will take precedence.

1. Service security

a. Data storage and transmission

All Data and Personal Data is stored within a secure database at NIP's UK offices. If You access or input information from any country outside the UK, You consent to it being transferred from one country to the other (including via any intermediate country) as a function of transmission across the internet.

The Website through which the Service is provided has an SSL Certificate, so all Data and Personal Data transferred between You and the Service is encrypted. However, You are responsible for ensuring that Your browser supports the encryption security used in connection with the Service.

b. Service access

Access to the Service is only possible with a valid Login and NIP has implemented several additional defensive measures:

c. Password security

Your password is hashed, not known to NIP, and cannot be retrieved by NIP.

d. Cookies

It is not possible for NIP to provide the Service to You without the use of cookies, which are small bits of data stored on the device(s) You use to access the Service and the Website.

Each cookie expires after a certain period of time, depending on what it is used by NIP for, i.e.:

By using the Service and agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you expressly consent to the use of cookies as here described.

2. Financial information

NIP uses Sage Pay to collect/process transaction information.

Please see Sage Pay's Security Policy for further information.

3. Confidential Information

Both of The Parties will take all steps as shall from time to time be necessary to protect the Confidential Information of the other.

To provide you with the Service, You grant NIP (and permitted sub-contractors or agents) the rights to:

However, except as permitted or contemplated hereunder, neither You nor NIP (and permitted sub-contractors or agents) shall at any time, for any reason whatsoever, disclose to any third party (or permit the disclosure of to any third party) the other's Confidential Information, in whole or part.

This obligation of confidentiality shall not apply to any Confidential Information which shall have come into the public domain without fault on the part of either party or which is disclosed to either party or is known to or recorded by either party prior to it entering into the Agreement.

Otherwise, though, no disclosure shall be made to any third party (other than to permitted sub-contractors or agents) by one party of the other party's Confidential Information without that other party's explicit consent, except:

As detailed in clause 2b of the Terms of Use, cancellation of the Service – howsoever occasioned – may result in NIP deleting Personal Data and Data after twenty-eight (28) days (although note that residual copies of Personal Data and Data may remain on offsite backup media for up to approximately twelve (12) months afterwards, or as required by law for accountancy purposes).

4. Information about Your access and use of the Service

As You access and use the Website and Service, various pieces of "meta" information are collected:

To collect this information, NIP uses a combination of (i) third party tracking services that employ cookies and page tags (e.g. Google Analytics), (ii) a web server log file that records each time a device accesses the Website and the Service, and (iii) a management interface to the Service.

NIP (and permitted sub-contractors or agents) uses such information as follows: